Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Civilisation or the Strength

We always spoke how the country could be strong from any threat, didunia this all showed off each other whoever was most strong and interesting when we saw how the Country america with several countries as England, France, Spain and Germany could make the strength that almost did not have his rival?

Certainly these countries always became the focus by all the sides and their strength also was helped with the IMF strength, the world bank and seterusnya. from the side of the production also was like this and must be seen by us that almost all the
products must have the licence from international and this showed that if the country wanted to go up must be supported by several factors and was here sent by me that among them;

Firstly, each citizen must have the commitment that had against his nation personally without exception a Second ideology, the country must be able to have the strong defence or complete military weapons of the three, the country must be able to make the production of fourth economics, the Country must could do taklukan against the other country or that liked to be known by the expansion of the fifth military, his human resources capacity must be cleverer the six, the law must be really upheld without exception including himself the seven, the Country must could make and created the place of the place of economics as the production of his people and this will create equitable economics of the eight, the country must be able to give the answer and was responsible towards the unemployment and the child yatim.
Prinsif was national must really could be realised in the behaviour in bernegara. I was very jealous how the country that I mentioned above that how America could be allied with monarchial countries!

Today for the developing country and the dependence with the debt immediately must rise and go out as well as immediately proved himself that could compete with developed countries!!
Already during him developing countries proved themselves and said that we went up with civilisation that actually and definitely the bureaucrats, the political elite and the leading figure -the public figure no longer is protracted in his game personally and always came back with the big strength that this country will not go up except by dirinya. this commitment that became the main factor so that hope becomes real and not was the reverse all to wacana. it is hoped!!!

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